dbConnector for dtSearch

Database driven Web searches are oriented towards locating exact information that is normally neatly organized into database fields. Examples might be inventory stock information or payroll detail. Exact data housed in a database’s rows and columns can be located through structured queries, while overlooking textual information on product technical specs, product reviews, or employee evaluations not ‘indexed’ or catalogued by the database. For searches of unstructured textual information we usually defer to a full text search engine implementation to help us sift through the mountains of documentation.

The resulting dual approach (separate database and full text repositories) has led to a less-than-ideal decision support situation. We are making decisions based on a small part of available business intelligence (20%). The challenge is how to integrate database and full text information as one repository so that our search results embody the full depth and breadth of corporate information.

In the hands of your software developers, dbConnector provides the power, flexibility, and simplicity to connect your database systems with full text repositories created by dtSearch. dbConnector allows you to develop search solutions that bring structure to your unstructured data. dbConnector generates a rich searchable dtSearch index with integrated database information from your corporate databases.

dbConnector interfaces to your database of choice through an ODBC connection and runs as a desktop application to generate a searchable index. dbConnector allows you to define the relationship between unstructured files (such as MSWord documents, PDF documents, and Web pages) and most ODBC-compliant database (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc). The end result is that dbConnector provides solutions that allow searchers to take a structured query approach to unstructured information, thereby providing new opportunities for enhanced business intelligence.

dbConnector works in conjunction with dtSearch, a product of dtSearch Corp. Wired Magazine has called dtSearch “the most powerful document search tool on the market”. dtSearch provides powerful search features including phonic and fuzzy searching, stemming, relevancy ranking, a large number of supported file formats, and more.

The combination of dbConnector and dtSearch provide your developers with a powerful means to bring structure to unstructured information.

Getting Started Documentation (pdf)