dbIndexer for dtSearch & SQL Databases

dtSearch, by design, is a great product for indexing a variety of document types. However, many developers are tasked with indexing text columns in a database and don’t need to index documents. They want a “database-only” index and search. A scenario might be where you have a database of job applicants and each record has a memo field with resume text. Or, you have a product database with each record containing product technical specifications in a large text field.

“Why not use standard SQL capabilities (LIKE) to retrieve my records”, you may ask? Well, if you want the full power of dtSearch both on the search side (fuzziness, phonic, etc.) and the results side (synopsis, relevancy ranking, etc.) you’ll need to move beyond standard SQL.

dbIndexer is a companion product for dtSearch which allows you to index columns in your database. Copy & paste your SQL statement into dbindexer to identify your database fields and then choose a few simple parameters and create your index. Once indexing is complete you may apply the power of dtSearch (and our XSearchResults Control) to your search application.

Features of dbIndexer include:

  • Index only fields you choose (including binary data) in your database.
  • ‘Save’ your indexing profile for subsequent indexing runs.
  • You may run dbIndexer as a scheduled task for frequent index updates.
  • Keep track of automated runs via the Windows event log
  • Works with any ODBC SQL database, including Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more.

Getting Started Documentation (pdf)