xSearchResults Control for Asp.NET

Cybergroup’s XSearchResults Control streamlines the development of simple or sophisticated search applications. You can use the xSearchResults control as you would any other server control in your .Net development environment — simply drag & drop the control into your application. If you want to provide a powerful search to your visitors, the XSearchResults Control provides a quick and easy means to develop your search application, drastically reducing your development time.

XSearchResults provides the following benefits:

  • Can be used like any server control in your .Net development environment. Designed with the primary emphasis of providing simplicity for the dtSearch / .NET programmer.
  • Easy to use in Visual Studio.net — drag and drop the control into your web application or use the example search application.
  • Search results are presented using a template powered by XSLT. For customization, you can specify your own XSLT (three samples are provided).
  • Display and manipulation of custom fields using XSLT.
  • Works with file-only, database-only or hybrid indexes.
  • Greatly reduce web application development time and cost. Why spend days developing complex code when you can license the XSearchResults Control at a fraction of the cost?
  • Comes with a fully functional ASP.net example search application.
  • Quickly integrate a search engine into your site with minimal or no coding.
  • The Control provides advanced search features such as: sorting, fuzziness, sort type, stemming, phonic, synonyms, Boolean, and ‘search within results’.
  • Use of the Control alleviates the need to understand the sophistication of the dtSearch programming model.

dtSearch can index many file types including html, MSWord, Outlook, PDFs, and more.

Getting Started Documentation (pdf)