At Cybergroup, we have developed a series of ‘companion’ products to enhance dtSearch, the most powerful search engine on the market. The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, a network, the Internet or an Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching of large document collections from Web sites to CD/DVDs.

Our software products are a set of companion products for the market leading search engine product dtSearch. As developers of custom dtSearch applications we decided to create products that complement the fine features of dtSearch. If you are developing a dtSearch Web application, our tools can significantly reduce the development time needed to develop your custom solution.  If you need consulting or programming assistance on your project we can provide the necessary talent.

Our dtSearch Companion Products:

dbIndexer – Utilize dtSearch for database indexing (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)

dbConnector – Combine files and database data into a single dtSearch index

xSearchResults – Quickly and simply build your dtSearch web search application with fully customizable search results