Cybergroup’s Areas of Expertise

Cybergroup offers consulting assistance on a fee basis where our technical staff will apply its expertise to the development or support of your Web site or Intranet application. Our staff can develop your Web or Intranet application “from scratch”, or, we can take over support of your existing web applications. If you need consulting assistance, we can provide jargon-free dialog and develop accurate specifications for the problem to be solved.

Our programming capabilities include the expertise and experience to connect your current or future databases to the Web and develop online order forms, product catalogs, and other sophisticated web applications. Using technology such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Microsoft .Net, and ColdFusion, we can quickly and effectively develop interactive Web sites that extend your business to a vast global marketplace.

Web Development

Web development has been one of our core strengths since our founding in 1994. Our experience and expertise in designing and developing web applications using a variety of technologies allows us to provide you with the most economical and effective solutions.Learn More

Web Design

Cybergroup graphically designs web sites that enhance and promote our clients’ business online, and which engage and captivate those who come to visit. Designing each web site from individual client specifications ensures that each client receives a custom design and solution every time. Learn More


Cybergroup assures that your customers will have a fully functional, graphically appealing, pleasurable experience as they browse and purchase your product or service offerings. Learn More

Cybergroup’s Other Services

Cybergroup specializes in Web Development, Web Design, and e-Commerce. Additionally, we can provide associated services in several other areas

There are so many variables that contribute to a successful web site. A well designed, creative, easily navigated site is crucial, but if your site is not indexed within the search engines then all your efforts have gone unrecognized. It is similar to opening the doors to a business and not advertising your location and services. Studies have shown that 80% of Internet users are now using search engines to find their information.

Due to a large amount of users utilizing search engines, it is crucial that your customers find your web site. There are multiple ways to bring customers into your business’ location via traditional marketing, but driving customers to your web site, via search engines are the most cost efficient way to get then in your online doorway.

Cybergroup recognizes the need for web site owners to place their sites in the search engines and to make sure they are found every time, on the first page, when someone looks for their product or service.

Cybergroup is your answer for Internet marketing and Search Engine Submission and Optimization. We provide the best personal and affordable service beyond any other Search Engine Submission and Optimization company on the web.

We work hand in hand to assure your web site achieves the traffic, exposure, market presence and best ROI (Return on Investment) possible. Our philosophy is based on personal interaction, along with research and quantifiable data to make sure you are making the best decisions for your company and web site.

If you are searching for the best way to optimize your web site, search engine placement, and ROI, Cybergroup is your answer!

Cybergroup’s Migration Services target businesses that are moving their hosting operations and applications from one hosting provider to another or who are transitioning their internal IT to an external hosting service. When dealing with mission critical applications and services, a business needs to be assured that the move happens quickly, smoothly, and without any outages.

Cybergroup will work with you to successfully complete your migration. We begin each migration project with an extensive questionnaire (our “Migration Assessment”), which provides a “blueprint” depicting every phase and aspect of the migration. From this questionnaire, we are able to identify migration requirements, procedures, timelines, and roles and responsibilities. Our migration questionnaire, methodology, and professional services have resulted in dozens of successful migrations for a wide variety of clients.
What can we migrate?

Here’s a sampling of some of the applications and technologies we have worked with in recent migrations:

Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, Windows
Websites, Mail Servers, Databases, e-commerce stores, DNS
Applications developed in PHP, Perl, ASP, Asp.Net, JSP, or ColdFusion (contact us for a complete list of supported platforms / languages)

At Cybergroup, we have developed a series of ‘companion’ products to enhance dtSearch, the most powerful search engine on the market. The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, a network, the Internet or an Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching of large document collections from Web sites to CD/DVDs.

dtTools are a set of companion products for the market leading search engine product dtSearch. As developers of custom dtSearch applications we decided to create products that complement the fine features of dtSearch. If you are developing a dtSearch Web application, our tools can significantly reduce the development time needed to develop your custom solution.

Cybergroup can effectively monitor and troubleshoot your web site’s performance. an international travel agency asked for Cybergroup’s help in testing the agency’s public Website to ensure it could handle the load of future marketing campaigns. Read about Cybergroup’s testing and performance services.